Here’s the deal. The people on Staten Island, New York and surrounding areas are beyond devastated. When I tell you it looks like a war zone, it’s an understatement. I need you. I need your help, your connection and your resources. Here’s the plan. Right now, our friends and family are suffering–a Nor’ easter is on it’s way, and while blankets are great (and don’t get me wrong–blankets are being distributed) what these people really need are tools to quickly rebuild their homes. This is  where you come in. We need to work together to get the supplies onto the front lines and into the hands of the people doing the hard work and making the rebuild happen.

Here’s where the story gets complicated. The most critical items like sump pumps, generators (remember, there’s still no power in these areas), batteries, flashlights, dust masks and cleaning supplies are scarce, and it is impossible for people to get off the island because of the gas shortage.

What we have been doing is asking people to donate gift cards to a Home Depot in Pennsylvania so that we can buy the items that are needed most (needs change minute by minute and day by day) and take them to the Church at the Gateway on Staten Island. This church has become a vital disaster relief center that is supplying the areas that have been hardest hit by the storm.

Okay, now here’s where you come in. We need you to help us get the gift cards necessary to purchase the supplies, and we need to get there before this snow storm hits. We rented the biggest truck we possibly could and are trusting God to fill it. The easiest and quickest to make this happen is for you to email me a Home Depot eGIFTCARD ( The email address that we need you to use is We are planning to head out by 7pm Wednesday Night so you need to act fast. I will be constantly posting updates on my personal facebook page (Kristen Ahrens Bentson) so that you can follow our journey and keep up-to-date on the needs of our Staten Island friends.

This is a tremendous opportunity for us to impact a community in a way that they will never forget. Let’s work together to pour God’s love into the hearts of Staten Islanders.


Kristen Bentson, DC, MS