Looking for an exciting and high energy health and wellness speaker for your upcoming event or conference? Look no further! I’ve got a bunch of topics that will razzle, dazzle and inform your audience. They’ll leave educated and inspired, and you’ll leave feeling a sense of satisfaction in your planning abilities! Whether you need a down and dirty 30 minute session or days of fabulous healthy life instruction, I’m your gal.

Here’s the best part; give us your budget and event details, we’ll give you options!! Want to enhance your event by offering attendees body composition analysis, metabolic testing, meal plans, yoga, cooking demos, and more?!? You got it. We’ll turn your event into a YouAnew Experience.

Check out a few of my most popular topics…

  • Eat from the Earth
    Feeling overweight, sick and tired? Your meal choices might just be sucking life out you. It’s time to get those frankenfoods out of your fridge! Let me teach you all you need to know about eating the wholesome and natural foods that will bring you energy, health and vitality. Learn how to eat to live, not live to eat.
  • Fight with Your Fork
    I am so excited to show you how to beat lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer one bite at a time. Learn how to fight fat, fight fatigue and fight disease with your fork.
  • Labels Do Matter
    Every day, you are bombarded by marketing efforts and brilliant ad campaigns that strongly influence the way you shop. Now’s the time to learn how navigate your way through the grocery store aisles with prowess. I will empower you to make the right food choices by teaching all you need to know about food labels.
  • Curbing Carbohydrate Cravings
    You’re high then low, up then down, vibrant then exhausted. You can’t resist those sweets and treats; let’s just face it…you’re a sugar addict!! It’s time to start understanding the reasons you crave and ways to break the habit.
  • Beating Stress Eating
    Do Snickers really satisfy? Learn about the perils of stress eating and ways to avoid that rocky road! I will show you simple life and stress management strategies that will give you the strength to resist the pull of your pantry.
  • Eating from Eden
    Is your church ready for a challenge? Eating from Eden is a food and spiritual challenge that will renew the pantry and the heart. Discover God’s best for your life, and learn how to eat and live with purpose.

So, you’re feeling pumped and ready to jump into action. Here’s what you can do. Fill out the contact form with all your info or call to talk (610-868-6816). The YouAnew Crew can’t wait to start working with you!!


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